NuZen Herbal Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

NuZen Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

A complete hair care formula specially designed to reduce hair fall.

NuZen Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

When you have oils (NuZen Hair Gold) which help in the hair growth, it's very important to have products which stop your hair from falling. Experts would tell you how pivotal it is to fight hair fall while taking care of the hair growth. And so, at NuZen Herbal, we have introduced NuZen Anti Hair Fall shampoo, comprises of Ayurvedic ingredients which strengthens the hair fibre from within by nourishing it from the roots therefore protecting your hair from breakage.

Benefits of NuZen Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  • Improves hair follicle growth
  • Moisturize and cleanse the scalp
  • Nourish weakened hair
  • Creates an overall healthier feel and appearance
  • Makes Hair feel thicker and improves shine.
  • And so, let your hair be yours always!

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Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Nuzen Herbal, India's leading brand in Hair and body care products, was formed in 2010 with the express aim of providing 100% natural alternatives.